Versatile Blogger Award #2

My second Versatile Blogger Award. Received April 2013

My second Versatile Blogger Award. Received April 2013

I have been away for a few days; the weather has been good for my arthritis so I tried to get some work done here at home. I was honored again with the Versatile Blogger Award while I was lounging on the deck in the sun. I want to thank Shaun at Looking for Reasoning in a Complicated World for nominating me. I also want to say sorry it took me so long to start this post. I haven’t forgotten you; I was just enjoying being able to move around!

So the first thing is to of course thank the person who nominated me. With that done, I need to tell 7 things about myself. Lastly I will be nominating 15 other bloggers for the award. So lets get started:

Seven Things About Sheila

  1. I only give to charities that don’t solicit me for donations
  2. I read all of the adult mystery section from my library when I was 8
  3. I only drink coffee, diet pepsi or wines
  4. I have to have both hips and one knee replaced next year
  5. I told my doctor to let me know when they can do a brain transplant so I can have a new body
  6. I am going to start an herb garden this spring for the first time
  7. I love to sit on my deck in the evening and listen to the toads sing

Okay so that’s the 7 things about me and now to get to my nominees. This time I am going to look for some new blogs that I don’t normally read for my nominees. I am hoping to find many new blogs to follow by doing this and perhaps make some new friends as well.

My Fifteen Nominees For The Versatile Blogger Award

So that is my list of 15 nominees. I hope that they all can accept the Versatile Blogger Award; however I realize that sometimes time constraints make that impossible. If you are one of my followers, please check out the nominees website and enjoy some wonderful writers.


Wow…The Leibster Award


First of all I need to thank Shaun at Looking for Reasoning in a Complicated World for nominating me for a Leibster Award. I’m flattered to get these awards because it says to me that my ideas are having an impact on the world. Since I know that I try to stay away from the negative energy out there as much as possible; if I’m having an impact, it must be a positive one and that’s what I wanted to do.

So the first thing to do is to answer Shaun’s eleven questions about myself. Secondly, I have to tell eleven other things about myself. Next, I have to nominate eleven other blogs for the award; which should be the hard part, I follow so many and they are all great bloggers (much better than myself). Well; here goes anyway, I hope you enjoy checking out my nominees. Lastly, I have to come up with eleven questions for them to answer, another hard one but I’ll give it a try.

1. What is your favourite movie?
My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz
2. Who was your 1st love?
I guess the first love is the one you have never forgotten so I have to say Dave Patton
3. If you could go back to when you were 10 years old, would you change anything?
I guess I wouldn’t change anything because if I did I wouldn’t be who I am today.
4. What part in what film would you love to play or be?
I think the Lady of the Lake in Excaliber…a miniscule part; but is it really?
5. If you could be any 1 person for a day, who would it be?
David Bowie…what a trip life would be!!
6. What food do you like best?
Filet Minot I think.
7. What is your favourite number?
Three is a magickal number for me.
8. What is your favourite music CD
Pink Floyd…The Wall
9. What car do you drive? If you don’t what would you like to drive?
I have a 2000 model GMC Sonoma truck…very little rust, less than 80,000 miles, runs great and I love it!
10. Do you have a PC/Laptop or Phone for your internet use?
I have a Laptop that I use for blogging and an android tablet that I use for reading
11. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I have 6 pairs of shoes and 3 pair of boots that are in the closet for me to wear and I believe 10 pairs in the shed that didn’t sell at my garage sale last year 🙂

So now the other eleven things about myself and I will probably repeat some things that I’ve already said. I will try to think of new things though. Wish me luck!

  1. I just colored my hair so I wouldn’t look quite so old.
  2. I drink vegan shakes for lunch.
  3. I have the best Jack Russell Terrier in the world.
  4. My son is leaving for college in three years.
  5. I will be moving to Tennessee when my son moves out for college.
  6. It’s still hard for me to believe that all of my kids are grown up.
  7. I was a nanny to my two nieces and one nephew until the youngest was 10.
  8. I had my own kids after those three started school.
  9. I’m the only one of my school mates that doesn’t have grandchildren.
  10. I don’t regret the path that I have taken in my life.
  11. My husband is great to me.

Now for the list of my nominees. I’m gonna leave their questions for last. I want to give myself time to think about what I want to ask them.

  • A Passionate Wanderer
  • Mental Notes
  • The War In My Brain
  • VeganNakedPagan
  • PoetryBlogOfMine
  • Niamhs Labyrinth
  • Life and Times of a Forever Witch
  • shrinksarentcheap
  • The Collection Cup
  • Shards of DuBois
  • Blog of the imaginator
  • So those are my eleven nominees. I hope you enjoy looking over their blogs. Many of them are poetry and many are Pagan/Wiccan sites, I tried to mix it up a bit. Enjoy and don’t forget to like their posts.

    Now on to the questions for my nominees to answer.

    1. How long have you been blogging?
    2. Why do you feel the need to blog?
    3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    4. Why would you choose this location?
    5. Have you reached or surpassed the expectations you had for your life at this point?
    6. What could you have done differently if you had the chance to do it again?
    7. What is the legacy that you feel you should leave behind?
    8. Where would you choose to spend a week of vacation if you could go anywhere?
    9. Why would you choose to go there?
    10. Do you feel you have/had a career or do you feel you just have/had a job?
    11. What would you change about your “look” if you could do anything to just one area of yourself?

    Okay, so that’s my eleven questions for the nominees. I hope that you will all participate, but if you can’t because of time constraints I’ll understand. Please still check out the other nominees sites that I have listed though. Once again thank you Shaun at Looking for Reasoning in a Complicated World for thinking of me when he was picking his nominees as well.


Beltane Ritual


Beltane is a Celtic fire festival celebrated beginning sunset April 30 through sunset May 1. It is a celebration of the fertility of the God and Goddess returning with the beginning of the planting season. This is a celebration for the return of the Green Man who is depicted as a masculine face covered in leaves and shrubry, often placed in the Wicker Man and carried through town, before being burned on the Beltane Bonfire.

Some other traditions for Beltane are the fight between the Winter Queen and the May Queen. If the May Queen is captured in the fight she must be ransomed off before the celebration can continued. Also the MayPole dance and celebration is a major part of this holiday festivities as well as leaving Flower Baskets on the neighbors doors on the morning of May 1. Finally, this is also the time for Handfastings and Fertility Rituals as well as the celebration of the Fairy Folk.

Beltane was traditionally a celebration of the dairy so any dairy foods would be a good choice for this celebration. Cheese, yogurt, custards and quiche are all good options. My thoughts were leaning toward a cheese quiche with some broccoli. Then yogurt with Candied Flowers (just make certain you are using edible flowers); then some May Wine which is white wine, fresh woodruff and strawberries, and of course the traditional breakfast of Scotish Beltane Bannocks in the morning.

Some other recipe options that I located for you are:

Beltane Ritual

(Open the Circle)

(Somewhere within circle, place House Guardian symbol)

I give greetings to the Goddess of things wild; of trees, of skies and of waters. I do call upon You, Lovely Lady, to be here with me.

(Dance around the circle)

(Pause to salute each element at the corners, with up swept arms)

Blessed be the words of the Lady of May and the Laughing Lord of the Greenwood. Let now thy great light come into me. I am a cup to be filled, that I may do what is needful.

Blessed ever Be the Lady and the Lord!

(Stand before house guardian)

Lovely Lady, Great Lord

I present to You the guardian of this house, the special spirit I have invited into my home as protector and helper. I honor this spirit in this symbol of its being. Great Ones, bless this guardian of this home. And for Your blessing, I add my thanks.

Blessed Be!

(Anoint house guardian with incense)

(Dance around circle with symbol)

(Pause to present symbol to each element at the corners)

(Say the following to each replacing (___) with the proper element)

I present to you, O spirit of (___), the guardian of this house. This is the special spirit I have invited into my home as protector and helper. Bless the guardian of this home and for your blessings, I add my thanks.

Blessed Be!

(Raise wine chalice)

Honor the Old Gods!

Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again.

Blessed Be!

(Time for feasting, celebration, hand fasting, maypole and other outdoor activities)

(Close the Circle)


Death Ritual

Artwork thanks to Wiccan By Nature on FaceBook

Artwork thanks to Wiccan By Nature on FaceBook

Has anyone had the opportunity to think about what will happen when you pass away? As a Wiccan, have you ever considered what your friends and family will do for your funeral? Will it matter to you if your family and friends give you a Christian burial because they don’t know that you celebrate the Great Feminine in the Universe?

I thought about my Book of Shadows for a while; contemplating its complete purpose, it is a guide for your heirs. The piece of your life that will leave its mark on this world for all time to come after you. Your thoughts, dreams, spells and all of the spirituality that you have experienced in your life; along your path of discovery, a testiment to validate your life as humble as it was in this Universe.

As a guide for your heirs, it should have all the information that you need them to know when you are gone. Since this is the case, it should also contain your wishes for your interment in this world and your wishes to be guided into the next. As I was putting together my Book of Shadows I added this Death Rite; it is from “A Book of Pagan Rituals” as well as another book that I have unfortunatly lost after all these years. I then added some of my own touches to the ceremony and placed it in my Book of Shadows at the end, right before the “Final Thoughts” section that will be added to by myself. Then my son will add his final wishes and his final thoughts when his time is almost done and so on down the line.

I add this Death Ritual here today because I noticed that death came up as a question on one of my Facebook Pages I follow. Death and Rebirth are a part of life but for Wiccans or Pagans it is difficult to find a funeral service that celebrates the life we had and celebrates the life we will be reborn too. I hope that you find this Ritual to your liking but remember that you can always change certain parts to suit yourself, (IE your favorite song, your belief of where you will be going, for my husband I am going to add his military service and the presentation of the flag.)

Death Rite

(One Torch Bearer remains on each of the Four Sides of the casket; or the urn on table if person is cremated, throughout service.)

(Priestess carries three boughs of evergreen and flowers.)

PRIESTESS/PRIEST: We gather here now to bid farewell to a friend who must travel far. The blessings of the Goddess, of the God, of the Old Ones and of good friends and family are with you as you travel beyond.

(Prayer to Goddess of Death, God of Grain.)

PRIESTESS/PRIEST: Goddess of death,

You who are the end inherent, in the beginning.

Scythe to the ripe grain,

the fall of berries,

and the coming of night.

You who are called the Implacable One

but we know you

as the Most Gracious Goddess.


end of Sorrow

Relief of pain

Receive our sister/brother, __________

May she/he become a star

in Your night sky cauldron,

and be brewed back to life.

God of Grain, God of Seed,

You who every year’s end.

Are cut down and buried,

You who know the darkest places


the way down and the way up,

the fall and the rising,

guide our sister/brother, __________

show her/him the long road

through the labyrinth of self-discovery

To the place of rebirth,

To the place of return.

(Eulogies by friends and family.)


Listen people

the Universe is alive!

I will always Be.

Flowing in and out of form.

Dying and being born,


Birth, growth, death, rebirth-

all points on the Wheel are sacred.

In some new form,

I will live again.

And for all time

my love will touch your soul.

PRIESTESS/PRIEST: There is a reason for being here in this world and this life. There is a reason for leaving when the purposes of this life are done.

The soul must journey beyond to pause, to rest, to wait for those who are loved. For the world beyond is a land of eternal summer and of joy, far from the cares of this world with happiness and with youth anew.

(Place evergreens on casket or on table.)

As the evergreen does grow and prosper both in summer and in winter year after year after year, so after does the soul continue from life to life to life, growing ever stronger, richer and wiser.

(Place flowers on casket or on table.)

May the servants of the Gods escort you with honor to Their own land of light and beauty, and of joy. Blessed Be!

ALL: Blessed Be!

(Go to cemetery for burial of casket or continue in memorial for cremation)

(All sing the song Embrace the Change.)

Embrace the Change.

All that ever was exists now

In the living body of the being

we call universe, Goddess

She breathes in-we are born

She breathes out-we die

But birth and death are on the same wheel

Which is always turning,

Like the tide or the changes of the moon

We become ancestors, the unborn, newborn

The guardians of those to come.

Cherish the turning,

the letting go, the bringing forth,

decay and growth, life and death.

All points on the wheel are sacred

Embrace the Change.

PRIESTESS/PRIEST: Be free, be strong, be proud of who you have been, know that you will be mourned and missed, that no one can replace you, that you have loved and are beloved.

Move beyond form, flowing like water, feeding on sunlight and moonlight, radiant as the stars in the night sky. Pass the gates, enter the dark without fear, returning to the womb of life to steep in the cauldron of rebirth. Rest, heal, grow young again. Be Blessed.


Wiccaning Ritual

There is probably nothing better than a reason to show off your new baby just after you have one. For those of you looking for an opportunity, this is a Birth Ritual (more commonly called a Wiccaning) that I adapted from “A Book of Pagan Rituals” Herman Slater, Editor. It is a beautiful celebration and gives you a reason to get everyone together to see your new baby and give the little one gifts.

As for my own views on this matter, I don’t think its necessary to have a Wiccaning. One of the main thoughts of Wicca is that we should all find our own path. A Wiccaning kinda says, “I want my baby to follow his/her own path, as long as that path is Wicca.” I waited for my children to tell me what they wanted to do.

I taught them about Wicca/Paganism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam then listened to their choice in the matter. My daughter; 28 now, just tells me “That is not my Path” but she never elaborates. That is her choice of course; I don’t care if her path is Vamperism as long as she doesn’t kill someone to get the blood. My son; 22 now, decided when he was 8 that he wanted to dedicate and initiate into Wicca and that has been his Path ever since. My point being, I waited for them to tell me what was right for them and they made the choice that was right for them…whatever that may be.

For those of you that do wish to have a Wiccaning though, here is a Ritual that will give you an idea of how the celebration should go. As I said, it is a good way to let everyone see your beautiful baby, have photo ops and get some more gifts to help with getting all of those supplies that you may need. You could also have the Wiccaning instead of a baby shower if you didn’t have a chance to have a shower.

Wiccaning Ritual

(After circle is cast, open Southern doorway and invite new mother in without the child for now.)

(Priestess should light white candle.)

PRIESTESS: Lady __________ enter now this circle, but not as before; through the Eastern gate, as that is the direction of birth. For now you, are a Mother. And now; to mark your passage from maiden to motherhood, enter this circle through the Southern Gate, the gate of life and the element of the Fire of Life.

(Mother enters circle and takes her place at the alter.)

MOTHER: By the magic of the Mother Goddess and that of the Father God, the magic of new life has flowed through me, and to my newborn child.

By the power of the Lady and Lord, do I leave behind the flower of my maidenhood. For I have born the fruit of motherhood.

(Light red candle and extinguish white.)

(Pick up red cape.)

Here do I hold the symbol of the Great Mother, red like the Fire of Life. As I place it on my shoulders, Divine Mother of all Life, grant me Your gifts of wisdom and love, for I have entered Your sacred realm.

(A moment of meditation on the meaning of life.)

PRIESTESS: Lord and Lady, Father and Mother, God and Goddess, we have cast this circle on this night to celebrate a new life which through Your magic has come to us.

ALL: Blessed Be!!

(Open Eastern doorway and have father or other father figure carry infant through.)

(Place the baby before the alter.)

PRIESTESS: Divine child, conceived in love, through the magic of the Old Gods, I name you ___________.

(Carry child to Eastern Quarter.)

PRIESTESS: Spirits of the East, know this child whose name is _________. Bless him/her with the breath of life and give him/her strengthen of mind.

(Gently blow incense in child’s direction.)

ALL: __________, be clear of mind and strong of purpose that you may know and fulfill your destiny. Blessed Be!

(Carry child to Southern Quarter.)

PRIESTESS: Spirits of the South, know this child whose name is _________. Bless him/her with the fire of life and give him/her a passion for life.

(Catch child’s eye with the flame from candle and move it toward the South.)

ALL: __________, let the passion of life burn fiercely in you, that you may know and fulfill your destiny. Blessed Be!

(Carry Child to Western Quarter.)

PRIESTESS: Spirits of the West, know this child whose name is _________. Bless him/her with the magic of life and give him/her the gift of hidden knowledge.

(Anoint child’s forehead in the sign of the pentacle with water from chalice.)

ALL: __________, listen to the inner voice and follow your intuition, that you may know and fulfill your destiny. Blessed Be!

(Carry child to Northern Quarter.)

PRIESTESS: Spirits of the North, know this child whose name is _________. Bless him/her with the strength of life and give him/her the gift of physical well-being.

(Place a few grains of salt on child’s tongue.)

ALL: __________, taste the joys of life and honor your physical well-being, that you may know and fulfill your destiny. Blessed Be!

PRIESTESS: Lady and Lord; Mother and Father of all, behold this child whom we call __________. Conceived in love and by Your divine law. We ask that You protect this new and fragile life and enfold him/her in Your love.

(Parents light short red candle from flames of red and green alter candles.)

PARENTS: By Your power, Lady and Lord, we light the purifying flame. May its transforming magic grant the gift of immortality to ___________. Blessed Be!

(Child is presented to friends and family and gifts are received.)

PRIESTESS: Now it is time to plant the birth tree! Please form a circle around the selected sight.

(All form a circle around prepared ground.)

PRIESTESS: Lady and Lord, Spirits of the East, South, West and North; from this time on, this child, ___________ and this tree are magically bound. As one flourishes, so does the other. May the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water nurture this tree. As I will, so be it mote. Blessed Be!

ALL: Blessed Be!

(Protection charms and symbols of good fortune are hung from the branches of the birth tree.)

(Dancing around the tree and feasting in celebration.)

At the point you are planting the birth tree, you can also add the baby’s umbilical cord to the hole under the tree. Again this to me is something that could be better served elsewhere. I feel you should have the cord saved and frozen at the hospital (or at a facility that stores them) in case cord blood is needed later on to save the child’s life. I felt I should offer these two very different options for you to decide on your own though.


Marriage Ritual or Handfasting

Its Spring (Well almost)! With May Day fast approaching, many Wiccans are probably preparing for their Wedding or Handfasting Ceremony. I’ve decided that it would be a good time to post a Marriage Ritual and also a Wiccaning (for the babies to follow) that I’ve adapted from “A Book of Pagan Rituals”, the book lists Herman Slater as Editor of the Rituals. I have used it quite a bit over the years to adapt my different rituals because I think it is quite accurate as well as being easily read. The Rituals are also easily altered for your personal purposes.

Many Wiccans still think that it is necessary to use the year and a day rule when it comes to relationships. This would mean that on the first day of May you would have a handfasting ceremony to live together as a married couple for 1 full year. At the end of that year (the day after); provided everything is okay, you would hold your marriage ceremony. If all is not as it should be, the couple goes there own ways and everybody is happy. I don’t think that’s something you have to do these days; since most of us live with our partner prior to marriage, we have that “Year and a Day” period anyway. This ritual can be used for either ceremony though; so if you still prefer the handfasting, you can use the ceremony for that purpose.

(In many states of the US; including OH, it is very easy for anyone to obtain a license to marry. If you can’t locate a minister or Justice of the Peace that will attend a Wiccan/Pagan ceremony; consider asking a special family member or a friend to do it for you, by getting their license from your state. If you do choose this option; make certain you do the search on how to do so early, I’ve heard some states can take as long as 6 month to get the license issued. Or marry privately at the courthouse and then have a private ceremony for family and friends with a reception later on. I’m sorry I don’t know about any other countries.)

Marriage Ritual/Handfasting

Prior to guests arrival, the entire wedding ceremony area and alter should have been purified with salt water, purification oils and incense. Decorate with flowers of your choice and a flower scented incense such as cherry or apple blossom. Choose your music and have it ready (whether live music or a mixed CD you made yourself and timed for the ceremony. Set up alter in the usual manner on the Eastern edge of the circle. Then add two small white candles and one large white candle in the center (Unity Candles). In front, lay a willow wand; that was located and anointed by the bride and groom together on an outing, with the rings on it.

(Priestess should Open the Circle, lighting candles and incense just prior to guests being led to seats. You can have pre-ceremony meet and greet or drinks to keep them busy during this time.)

(Priestess should be standing in front of alter facing bride and groom who are waiting outside of circle.)

PRIESTESS/PRIEST: May the place of this Rite be consecrated before the Gods of Old. For we gather here in a ritual of love with two who would be wed.

__________ and _________ come forward to stand before us, and before the Gods of Nature.

(Priestess opens Eastern gateway to allow bride and groom to enter.)

(Close the Eastern gateway.)

PRIESTESS: Be with us in this sacred place; Great Sylphs, O beings of the Air. With your clever fingers, tie closely the bonds between these two.

Be with us here; Loving Salamanders, O beings of the Fire. Give their love and passion Your own all-consuming ardor.

Be with us here; Friendly Undines, O beings of the Water. Give them the deepest of love and richness of body, of soul and of spirit.

Be with us here; Playful Gnomes, O beings of the Earth. Let your strength and constancy be theirs for so long as they desire to remain together.

Blessed Goddess and Exalted God, give to these before us, we do ask, Your love and protection. Blessed Be!

ALL: Blessed Be!!

(Have Bride take one small white candle and the Groom take the other small white candle to prepare to light the large center candle together.)

PRIESTESS: __________ and __________ each take one of these candles and light the Unity Candle to symbolize two now becoming one.

(Hold wand on both ends so rings are exposed in the middle.)

PRIESTESS: _________ and ________, place your right hands over this wand and your rings with his strong hand over hers.

Above you are the stars,

Below you the stones.

As time does pass, remember…

Like the stars should your love be constant.

Like the stones should your love be firm.

Be Close, yet not too close.

Possess one another, yet be understanding,

Have patience each with the other,

For storms will come, but they will go quickly.

Be free in giving of affection and warmth.

Make love often and be sensuous to one another.

Have no fear and let not the ways and words of the unenlightened give you unease.

For the Goddess and the God are with you,

Now and always.

Blessed Be!

ALL: Blessed Be!

(Remove Groom’s ring from the wand as Bride is asked)

PRIESTESS: Is it your wish, __________, to become one with this man?

BRIDE: Give answer of Yes. (If the answer is No then the wedding is over!)

PRIESTESS: Then place this circle of eternity on his hand as a symbol of your undying love for all lifetimes.

(Remove Bride’s ring from the wand as Groom is asked)

PRIESTESS: Is it your wish, __________, to become one with this woman?

GROOM: Give answer of Yes. (If the answer is No then there is gonna be a fight…lol!)

PRIESTESS: Then place this circle of eternity on her hand as a symbol of your undying love for all lifetimes.

Then as the Goddess, the God and the Old Ones are witness to this sacred rite, I now proclaim you Husband and Wife. Blessed Be!

ALL: Blessed Be!!

(Open Eastern Doorway while introducing Mr and Mrs)

PRIESTESS: Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Mr and Mrs ___________.

(Close the Circle)

(Break down the alter while guests are in receiving line.)

(Enjoy celebrations of reception.)

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First essential oil combinations…these are for things like headaches, migraines, sinus problems…ect

Summer Goddess Kitchen Witchery

DISCLAIMER: Essential Oils are not for internal use. DO NOT use them for teas or swallow oral solutions, they are for external use only! (This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is listed here for educational purposes only. If you think you may have a medical problem; seek professional help immediately.)

This is the 7th in the Aromatherapy Series, but it is the 1st of the recipes for aromatherapy. These are some of the combination that can be used for all types of head ailments. Since there are so many different combination I have to post them separately by illness; however, that will make it easier for locating them too.

Message/Bath Oils for Head Complaints

  1. Bad Breath
  2. Top Note
    2 drops Bergamot
    Middle Note
    2 drops Lavender
    Base Note
    2 drops Nutmeg
  3. Bad Breath
  4. Top Note
    2 drops Thyme
    Middle Note
    2 drops Peppermint

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