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Hello world!

Welcome to The Summer Goddess Book of Shadows. This blog will be the space where I add spells and information about those spells and Wicca rituals. The most famous holiday is the one coming up, Samhain (pronounced Sowain) also known as Ancestor Night…or All Hallows Eve as it is known to most people. I will try to get this space up and running before that time…check back soon to see where I’m at on my pages.

I’m sure you noticed that this post is in the uncategorized section of the blog. I will keep this section to use for general news about The Summer Goddess. You will find extensive maintenance information here. Also this will be where events or other news affecting Pagans will be found.

Some of the other anticipated categories will be, “Rituals”, “Spells”, “Goddesses” and “Gods” in addition to “Meditation”. This is just off the top of my head so it may not be exact. As I add to the pages and posts I will adjust that as is necessary. Since I do plan to change things often for a while, feel free to subscribe to the online B-O-S so that you can keep up.


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