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Opening Your Circle

Opening the Circle

Once you have set up your alter for the specific ritual that you are preforming, you can get ready to open the circle and begin. Always remember to read over your ritual and opening the circle before you start. Once you have made certain all of your supplies are close at hand begin to open the circle, you don’t want to be running into the next room to get something you’ve forgotten. And remember, a ritual to the Goddess is REAL. If the baby (or pets) enter the area then that is the way the Goddess wishes it to be. However, you don’t want to stop to answer the phone in the middle of what you’re doing so turn it off. Our cat used to travel in and out of the circle during the entire ritual but the dog did not seem to be able to do that, he would lay under the alter table until we closed the circle at the end.

“The presence of the Noble Goddess extends everywhere, Throughout the many strange, magical and beautiful worlds. To all places of wilderness, enchantment and freedom.”

(To the East while lighting the Yellow {Air} candle) “Our Goddess is the Lady of Joy. The winds are Her servant.”

(To the South while lighting Red {Fire} Candle) “Our Goddess is the Goddess of Love. At Her blessing and desire the sun brings forth new life.”

(To the West while lighting Blue {Water} Candle) “The Seas are the domain of our Serene Lady. The mysteries of the depths are Hers alone.”

(To the North while lighting Green {Earth} Candle) “The Lady is Awesome. The powers of death bow before Her.”

The Circle is sealed and all herein are totally and completely apart from the outside world, that we may glorify the Lady whom we adore. Blessed Be! As above, so below. As the Universe, so the soul. As without, so within. Blessed One, Gracious One on this day do we consecrate to You our bodies, our minds and our spirits. Blessed Be!”

{Any Ritual, Spell or other business can now be conducted within the circle before closing when finished.}


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