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Spring_Air PathWorking

I am now going to re-post some of the information that was on my original site, The Summer Goddess.net. This was written by a member of our group that called herself TaliLuna. She did all of the research and wrote this path working herself.

There are two ways to use these path workings, the first is to record the path working with the elemental changes you wish to explore, then lay/sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed while you finish your meditations. The second method is to have a partner to assist you by reading the path working to you during the meditations. I feel it is easier to do by myself with recordings of the path working mixed with meditative music but which ever you choose, make certain you know which course you are following in the “map script” before you start and write down any experiences that you have right after you follow the map back to this plane of existence.

Elemental path workings

The following was written by TaliLuna. Each path working has a corresponding symbol that is to be “carved” onto the door found in the induction. This doorway is the doorway that leads to the astral plane. The symbol upon the door is my way of cluing in my super-conscious on what is about to appear. The induction may be continued without any description upon the door; however, the corresponding path working bodies have the description available for you to insert. These carving descriptions are listed before the body. Simply insert it in place of the brackets in the induction.

Staircase Induction

Your eyes are closed, and your spirit is calm. Breathe slowly and deeply, and clear your mind.

Imagine a spiral staircase, surrounded by total blackness. You feel pulled to this staircase, and desire to explore it, knowing that it will lead you to new worlds. Begin to move toward it. See it coming closer, until suddenly you are at the top step. For as far as you can see, the staircase spirals down, deeper and deeper, and is covered in red carpet. Begin walking down the staircase.

As you round the first curve, you see something painted on the carpet; the white number 1 clearly stands out against the red. Descend past this number, continuing deeper and deeper downwards, until you are now standing before the number 2. Continue past this, to the number three, and then four. Deeper and deeper down you go, past the number 5, then 6 . . . 7 . . . 8 . . . and 9. Continue on, until you finally reach the number ten. You are now in the crossroads of the physical and the ethereal realms. You are conscious of both worlds, and your body is calm and relaxed. Know that you are safe, and that if you wish to return to normal waking consciousness, then all you have to do is think about returning to it. You will immediately return to your normal state of mind. For now, you will detach your attention from the physical plane and focus entirely on the inner worlds.

The staircase ends in a dark hallway. The walls are close, and lit by burning torches that fling shadows across the hall. You do not feel afraid, and are filled with a strong feeling of protection. You know that you may return any time you wish, and are filled with confidence of your oncoming journey. You continue walking down the hallway. Ahead of you is a door, made of heavy oak.

Carving: Carved deeply into the wood is an image of a robin.

In the exact center of the door hangs a simple brass knocker. You slide your hand over, preparing to knock, but before your hand can close around the cool brass, the door opens. You are drawn to this room, and as you step through the doorway, you know that your journey is beginning.

The robin has recently landed beside the trunk of a tree, and a worm dangles from its beak. You run your hand over the smooth wood. It feels old.

You step over the doorway, into a world that is just beginning to come to life. The sun is beginning to peak above the nearby mountain tops. Everything around you is covered in dew, which sparkles like tiny diamonds. The air is cool, but not too cold and smells fresh. The scent of the earth is heavy upon the air, mingled with the light perfume of lilacs. Above you, the sky’s bluish-black depths are fading into purple and the last of the stars are beginning to wink goodbye. All around you, plants are sprouting and beginning to grow. The gently rolling mountains are scattered with flowers just beginning to bud.

Two birds land a few feet away in front of you. You realize that it is the robin; the reddish-orange breast quickly giving the male away. You take the next few moments to observe the robins playing.

[Pause to contemplate the scene] The birds suddenly fly away and you realize that this is the land of the East, and you greet it, happily, as you would an old friend. Your journey has brought you to the land of the element of Air, and you decide to take the next few moments to explore and meet the entities that reside here. Stay as long as you like.

[Pause once more to remember what you have learned] The time has come for you to be on your way home. You slowly begin making your way back to the door. It is as if you are being pulled, by some unseen force. The landscape is familiar to you, so you stroll casually along; taking one last good look at everything you have seen. You wave goodbye to all that you have seen, thanking them for what they have shared with you. Two robins appear above you in the air; you wave goodbye to them as well.

The doorway begins to loom before you, and you take one last glance behind you. You have visited the land of Spring long enough. You know that if you ever wish to return, you may. You are always welcome here. With that thought in mind, you begin to walk toward the door. You inhale one last breath of the lilac scented air, and cross the threshold of the door.

[Follow Staircase Grounding below to return home]

Staircase Grounding

You are once again in the tight hallway. The torches have begun to burn down, and you know that time has passed. You feel the desire to return to your body and begin to anticipate your return. You close the door behind, taking one last look at the carvings of the [Insert description] upon the door, one more opportunity to run your hands over the smooth old wood. You begin moving down the hallway, heading for the staircase.

You quickly reach the staircase, with a huge white ten painted on the carpet. You begin walking up, past this number. You go past nine, and eight. The staircase curves upward, past seven, and then on around to six. Five . . . four. . . . Three . . . two. . . . And one. You are now in your normal state of waking consciousness. You remember what you have seen, and you can now take the next few moments to record these events in your mirror book.

Copyright The Summer Goddess and TaliLuna

This is actually five different path working exercises that will be posted separately. Use each one several times and each time you do use one of the exercises make certain you write down your experiences in some sort of journal kept for this purpose. If you write immediately following your exercise you will be able to remember more of the path working, our minds are structured to add things or fill in gaps in memory so waiting can sometimes change the result of your spiritual growth by changing what you would have written.

The path working here in are the soul property of Sheila Wenninger (owner of TheSummerGoddess) and my anonymous friend that used the screen name of TaliLuna in past. As an owner of this path working I am giving permission for my readers to use the meditation for their own personal discovery or to pass the link on to their friends for the same purpose. I am in no way giving permission for this work to be reproduced for anyone’s financial gain. I have made some changes in wording for grammatical reasons and made other changes only to clarify abbreviation or shortcuts used by the author. Please respect her extensive work as I have done and bide by my wishes that she receive all credit for the work she has done.


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