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More Alter Tools

The following post will be another list of alter tools for you to acquire. Most of these are the ones that I find I don’t need to use for every ritual, giving some extra time to get them for your collection. As I said before, many witches will feel differently about this list. This is just my opinion and as such is a guideline for you, my reader to go by.

Altar Cloth
The altar cloth is a cloth that is draped over the altar. It can be any color but it is best to use colors that coincide with your working. A white altar cloth is best as it reflects all colors. Black altar cloth are used to absorb all colors and are the most popular used.
a double-bladed dagger, usually no longer than 9” in length. This knife is the sacred ritual dagger used in Wicca rituals. The dagger must be virgin, meaning it is never used to cut anything on the material plane. If an Athame has been used to cut something, a new one must be sought. In the space in between the worlds, however the Athame may be used a defensive tool.
The pentacle is the symbol of Earth. It is used in consecration and is one of your important tools. The pentacle should be a tile of sorts that sits flat in the center of the altar. It can be made of any material but is usually made of wood or ceramic. However, silver with tin working or engraving would also work wonderfully for this altar tool. It should be about 5 to 7 inches in diameter and should be wrapped and stored safely when not in use.
The Staff
The Staff is used as the Tool for Clearing your path, Physically & Spiritually. As with the Wand, go for a walk in a wood, forest or anywhere there are trees for you to observe. You may find a detached branch that feels just right; straight and a length of about 4 1/2-5 feet. Look for one that is still somewhat supple but not too young. Thank the Tree Spirit vowing your “just cause” and return to your workplace to consecrate the staff.
The Broom
The Besom Brush or broomstick as it is commonly known is used to sweep away any bad energy’s from within the magic circle. It is also symbolic of tidiness & cleanliness and no worthy witch would be without one. The Broom over the years has become symbolic of speedy travel because of its use as an imaginary beast ridden like a hobbyhorse by children and at happy celebrations.
The Silver Bell
The silver bell is used to call the quarters and is also necessary in some spell workings. The bell is used to call certain spirits and deities or to begin and end spells and prayers (much like the use of “Blessed Be”). It should be pure silver but if silver can not be obtained then it is acceptable to use the cheaper brass bell.
Burning Dish
The burning dish is required in some spells for the burning of papers, wishes, questions and spells. The dish should be a bowl or deep dish that is not flammable and ideally has feet to raise it off the altar for safety.

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