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Writing Your Own Spells and Rituals

Most sabbat rituals can be found in any number of books,
internet sites or from friends that you may know. For as
many sources that you find, you will have that many versions
of the same ritual. This is especially true for the sabbats or
common spells of protection, wealth and; of course, love. So
now what do you do when you can’t find a ritual/spell for a
specific purpose?

The main thing to remember about any spell or ritual is
that intent is what matters. The first
step is to know what you are trying to accomplish with
your spell/ritual. Once that is done, your energies
should be directed toward that goal from beginning through
execution of the final product.

I would suggest opening your circle and meditating for
a short time before starting the project. Remain in the
circle while you are doing the work and then close your
circle when finished for the time being. Repeat those steps
until you have completed writing your spell/ritual. This may
seem like a lot of unnecessary steps; however, it is for
your own protection as well as to generate
the energy you may require for your spells.

Next you must decide the type of spell you wish to use.
Should you use an elemental spell, a rune spell or perhaps
you prefer candle spells and so on? The easiest of these is
probably candle spells but some types of magick work better
with another form of spell. This is where your
research is going to be used.

I am going to give a few examples of items that can be
used for spells/rituals and their meanings. This should
give you an idea of the infinate combination of items and;
by extension, the infinate amount of spells that can be
written. Remember; the more personal the item is
to you, the stronger the energy within that item.

Rose Quartz Crystal
To combat loneliness
Green Adventurine
For luck
For healing
Orange Candle
Fertility, creativity, growth, self-esteem and
Silver Candle
divination, for awakening clairvoyance, for astral
projection and intuition

So as you can see, the list could go on and on. For
something more personal such as connecting with a close
family member that has passed; you could use a peice of
jewelry that they gave you. Although most of this info
is in books, having the internet can be much more efficient.
If you can afford to do so, purchase a book with all of
the meanings so that you will have it on hand but you can
look it up online.

Also I mentioned Runespells as one of the options.
Your runes can be used in many different ways too. You can
carve them onto wood or candles, write them onto paper to
be burned, ect. I have uploaded a picture of the Witches
Runes but there are many different runes that can be
chosen depending on the tradition you follow.

The Witches Runes

Lastly, there is the chant that you will use for your
spell. I’ve heard some witches say that they can’t sing,
(I would be one of them that wasn’t gifted with a voice,)
or they aren’t a writer. That is not the point when it
comes to spells. Once again, your intent is what
when you are spellcasting. As long as the
words, music, dance or chant help you to concentrate on
the intent of your spell it is correct.

If you can keep your intent in your mind by saying
“LaLaLaLa” while you are invoking the Goddess and
performing other tasks than that can be the words for
your spell. I like to write a short poem and read it
aloud while I dance my way through my spell/ritual.

I hope that this is helpful to someone. Please feel
free to let me know what you think of my ideas. Until
the next time.

Blessed Be to All…Sheila


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