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Visualization for Spell Casting

Sometimes when you are looking for an idea you have only to let the Goddess be your guide. Look around you, dig down inside and analyze what is going on in your world; reach outside and touch the Divine as She is in your world. As in Quantum Physics, somewhere in the universe a group of molecules have been set in motion and it has; in some way altered your world, you have only to look. That, after all is the way that magick works.

Yesterday I was having breakfast with my BFF, Robin and she asked me, “How does magick work?” We worked together for many years and she knew I was a witch but we didn’t really get to talk until we started meeting for breakfast. So I began to explain to her about Quantum Physics. Then told her that magick is the ability to visualize and alter how the molecules will land in another space and time by touching the Divine.

Then I began to explain the concept of negative magick. Using this ability to alter the wrong thing, person or creating the wrong action would be negative magick. (As well as, casting a spell for or on someone that did not want this action to be bestowed upon them.)

At that moment the molecules shifted, I was touched by the Divine and I realized that I had made a mistake in my website. Someone had attempted to cast a spell and they were not prepared to see their intent for what it truly is. Their ability to visualize was not trained and they were trying to cast a spell for self-benefit. However, they did not strongly visualize their proper intent.

I realized that I had put up the visualization exercises, the Spiritual Pathworking. However; I neglected to explain why these were important. I then put up some Elemental Spells for people to look at and use. Without being able to visualize properly, the spells that someone tries to cast may not work the way they want. This then alters those molecules, setting something in motion. Without the ability to visualize we may never know what that spell has altered. But it has altered something in the World around us.

Now I need to rectify that situation and add some exercises in visualization. I am also adding a synopsis of my own exercise so that you can get an idea of what you are doing. As I said, this is an important part of spell casting and should be practiced regularly. (I can’t stress this enough to everyone.)

Last week I was practicing my visualization for spell casting while I was soaking in the tub. I am a child of water; a cancer by astrological sign, and have always been able to do this so much better in water. For that reason; I keep candles, a reading/drink tray and some epsom salts/chamomile by my tub. While there I can practice my meditations and visualizations while my “familiar”, my Sparky now but it has always been a dog; right by my side, comfortably on the rug.

Beginning to visualize can be hard at first. Some people just can’t get it right. So…practice makes perfect, just keep trying. Start by closing your eyes and slowing your breating. You want to be in a quiet, dark place appropriate for meditation.

Once you have relaxed enough, try to picture a circle in your mind. Then try to see a square, move on to triangle. Go through all of the shapes you can think of, but don’t move on to the next until you have mastered the first.

After you have mastered the two-demensional shape, move on to three-dementions. Then move them and spin them and change their colors. Now you are ready to picture items like apples, oranges…work on these by not only seeing them in color but also smelling them. Now, learn to hold them, turn them in your hands, feel their texture and then, taste them if you want!

Also use the guided meditations that I have on this site and the many more that are out there. You can also do visualizations to “Touch the Divine” when you are comfortable enough. Just meditate through your life; like I have done in the next example. When you get to the right place, you will know it, (I smelled the fresh grass and felt the breeze blowing.)

The exercise that I practiced was to re-live the first time you knew that magick existed. For me, that was the day that I learned to walk. For medical reasons I had no hip joints at birth so I didn’t walk until I was 22 months old. I re-lived the day so vividly, all of the sights, sounds, smells; I was marveling at the world
around as any small child would. It was only the same backyard that I have been looking at for 50 years but I saw it; and the Goddess as if it were my first time. I was “touching the Divine.”

Now, don’t walk away just yet. I realize at this point you are thinking, “Big deal, she can remember learning too walk.” However, its not that I was walking that made me realize the existence of magick; I was walking because the dog was talking to me. I could hear and understand every word he said to me and even at that age I
knew that I was different from most people because of that.

Anyway, my experience that day is a whole other blog post if anyone would ask for it. But that gives you an idea of the type of experience you are looking for if you want to practice “Touching the Divine.” It is very important to practice this type of visualization on a regular basis so that you are able to visualize whatever it is you are trying to accomplish with spell casting.

Blessed Be…Sheila


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