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Dedication Ritual

One of the first things that anyone must do upon deciding to become a Wiccan is the Dedication Rite. This is a life changing event, similar to a baptism for Christians. You are simply saying that, “Yes, I have studied enough to know that I want to live my life for the Goddess and the God. Now I am ready to begin my journey, wherever it may lead on my Path.”

The following, is the Dedication Rite written for a Priestess to give to an initiate. If you choose, you can shorten it or even re-write it so that you can do this yourself or with a group of novice friends that are also interested in Wicca. Any way that you preform it, remember that it is a somber occasion that you have thought about and truly wish to do.

Another thing to remember is that one of the most beautiful parts of this World we are in is Its; and the Goddess’ imperfections. Don’t take mistakes, or mis-steps too personally because they do happen…and probably they were supposed to. Learn to laugh at the humor in the World around you.

I can remember one period of time that I was trying to teach my kids some ritual, I was determined that it would go just so. We got started with my son’s Dedication; suddenly we noticed that the ink on our printouts was running, our cauldrun had a hole in it! While cleaning that up, the cat sniffed the candle and her whiskers had a higher flame than the candle! I was taking it all too seriously…once I decided to laugh at the humor of things we had the most wonderful family evening ever!

Dedication Ritual

(Open circle and introduce candidates for discussion by group. After everyone is in agreement of admittance begin the ceremony. Have handy a candle and candle holder as well as a copy of the ritual for each candidate.)

PRIESTESS: Do you wish to be dedicated to the Gods and the craft, that you may learn of them and that you may join in the craft of the wise?

CANDIDATE: I do. Blessed be my eyes that I have seen this day.

PRIESTESS: Blessed be thy eyes!

CANDIDATE: Blessed be my ears that hear Thy voice.

PRIESTESS: Blessed be thy ears!

CANDIDATE: Blessed be my mouth that I may speak of Thy blessing.

PRIESTESS: Blessed by thy mouth!

CANDIDATE: Blessed be my knees that I may kneel in Thy praise.

PRIESTESS: Blessed be thy knees!

CANDIDATE: Blessed be my feet that have led me in these ways.

PRIESTESS: Blessed be thy feet!

(Have candidate/s kneel before the altar and light their candle.)

CANDIDATE: O Mother of All creatures, of all living, O Father of the Woodlands, will You teach ____________, that I may learn of Thee and become wise in the love of the Gods, strong in the aid of man, learned in the arts and skillful in the ways?

PRIESTESS: Beloved, do you pledge yourself to the Goddess; to Her love, and to the Horned God; to honor Him?

CANDIDATE: Gladly do I pledge myself to the Goddess, to Her love and to the Horned God to honor Him.

PRIESTESS: Beloved, do you pledge yourself to respect that which is taught you?

CANDIDATE: Gladly do I pledge myself to the Goddess, to Her love and to the Horned God to honor him and to respect that which is taught me.

PRIESTESS: Then hear the charge of The Great Mother called by all names of power among men, before whose altar the entire world has approached in reverence:

I am the Eternal Goddess, yet I demand no sacrifice…rather I give to those who honor me. Yet I charge you, that if you would be Mine and follow in My ways, you shall gather yourselves once at each full moon and give worship to Me…to your Queen. Each of you must recognize Me and look at Me, lest you forget from whom you came and to whom you are called. If you would be Mine, you must honor My charge; for those things which I have made law, may be dissolved by no man.

Shall you obey this?

CANDIDATE: Gladly shall I obey the charge of the Goddess. I pledge myself to the Goddess, to love Her and to the Horned God to honor Him and to respect that which is taught me.

PRIESTESS: Then you shall be taught to be wise. That in the fullness of time you shall count yourself among those who serve the Gods, among those who belong to the craft, among those who are called the Mighty Dead.

Let thy life and the life to come be in the service of our Noble Lady.

CANDIDATE: Blessed be this time that marks my life. That I shall ever after be a child of the Gods. That I shall learn of Them and embrace Them as my own.

(Priestess makes the sign of the pentacle in blessing)

May the blessing of our Lady and Her Consort go ever with thee. Blessed Be!

(Candidate rises and receives five fold kisses and blessings from everyone present)

(Continue with business at hand)

(Time for celebrations)

(Close the Circle after any other business is completed)


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