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Divination Runes

Last night I was working on my desktop Book of Shadows. While I was copying some rituals, I found that I have the 13 Witches Divination Runes in the final few pages. They are a bit difficult to transfer to digital format because the divination runes are more detailed than the spell runes that I posted from TheWitchNextDoor on Facebook.

I am working on them as you are reading this post; however, since I am going to have to draw them, scan them and then add them to my online files before I can add them to a post it is going to take me a while to get them finished. I will probably post each one separately in thirteen different posts. I will try to get each post done as soon as I can by just posting the meaning and the rune…if I did all thirteen at once my post would be about 5000 words. (My usual post is long at 1500 words, so I think it will work better to post each separately.)

I am going to be out of town this weekend without access to my scanner. I will try to set up several of the meanings for these runes while I am gone. Then I will get the drawings ready to upload to the computer when I get back. Hopefully, I will have all of them posted for you by Samhain on Wednesday.

To set up divination with this set of runes, you will need a few items. I will give you that information now so that anyone that wants to make a set of runes can gather their supplies. To make Witches Divination Runes you will need:

  • 13 small flat stones (river stones from the garden center will work) or slices of natural wood
  • Paint pen or permanent marker (any color that is special to you)
  • Small fabric drawstring bag (about 4″ X 6″ is good)
  • Small notebook to write meanings of each rune in.

To read the runes you can choose from several different spreads. Choose which spread you are going to use before you start drawing runes from your bag. I usually write the spread I use along with the
question I am asking or information that I am searching for, name of the runes I chose and the meaning of each (as well as a summery of all of them together) in my divination journal. That way I will know later on exactly what I was trying to accomplish and what the Divine Forces counseled me on the situation.

As I said, there are several rune spreads that can be used. It is best to use the smaller spreads with these runes simply because there are fewer of them in the set. You can also write your own spread if you wish…just decide what each rune will stand for and go from there.

  • 1 Rune Spread

    1. Meditate on your question
    2. Choose 1 rune
    3. Check meaning of rune
    4. Write results in Divination Journal
    5. Best to use for daily reading
  • 3 Rune Spread

    1. Meditate on your question
    2. Lay runes side by side from right to left
    3. Rune 1: Overview of situation
    4. Rune 2: The Challenge facing you
    5. Rune 3: The Action you might take
    6. Check the meaning of each rune separately
    7. Combine the three as they fit their place in relation to others
    8. Write results in Divination Journal
  • 5 Rune Spread

    1. Meditate on your question
    2. Lay runes from top to bottom
    3. Rune 1: Overview of the situation
    4. Rune 2: Challenge facing you
    5. Rune 3: Course of action called for
    6. Rune 4: The sacrifice you may have to make
    7. Rune 5: New situation evolving
    8. Check the meaning of each rune separately
    9. Combine the five as they fit their place in relation to others
    10. Write results in Divination Journal
    11. Best spread to use in complicated situations

That is about as far as I want to go with spreads to use for the Witches Divination Runes. Like I said earlier, the smaller the spread the better for a set of only 13 runes. If you wish, you can write your own spread to use for yourself and your friends. I will get started on the runes and their meanings so that I can get them posted as soon as possible.

Until next time…Blessed Be!


One comment on “Divination Runes

  1. I thought it was going to take me several days to get The Witches Runes finished. I guess I needed to have a bit more confidence
    in myself. My son; (because he didn’t want to help me draw,) found the pictures of the Witches Runes online at
    Saturness–Tarot, Cartomancy and Spirituality.
    All that left for me to do was to type up the divination meanings of each.

    Then I just set them up in my editor so that they were ready to post. Since there are the 13 posts, I am going to post a few each day over the weekend. I am starting with 1-4 today, then 5-9 tomorrow and finally I will post 10-13 on Monday. By doing that, anyone making a set for Samhain will be able to use them by Wednesday night.
    I hope you all enjoy…Blessed Be!…Sheila

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