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Level 1 Initiation

After our Dedication Ritual to devote our lives to Wicca or some other Pagan path, we begin our studies. From that day forth, we should always be learning, studying and growing. As we grow closer to the Goddess, we will also be growing within ourselves. This growing within ourselves also includes a self-discovery of the things in our life that are not healthy; (such as abusive relationships or self-hatred that causes us to have eating disorders or other self-destructive behaviors.)

We should be growing in mind, cleansing it of the negativity that comes from situations around us. We should be growing in our body; eating healthier, exercising, spending more time outdoors in the open air and taking better care of ourselves. We should be growing in spirituality, learning about the Goddess and allowing ourselves to become more connected to Her and all of the World around us.

Once we have gotten a grasp of this negativism in our life; and have begun to rid ourselves of them, it is time to initiate ourselves. Most Wiccans have heard the saying that you must study for “A year and a day.” In my opinion, as long as someone has enough self-awareness to begin to rid their self of those thing in their lives holding them back, it is time to move ahead in their studies. I don’t think it is necessary to study for a year and a day from Dedication to first Initiation but think that this is a reasonable study time before advancing further in the craft

Once you feel that you are ready to devote your life to your spiritual studies, you can perform this first initiation. If you are a solitary and don’t have anyone else to help you with the ritual, just adjust it to use for yourself. Again, I can’t stress writing your own rituals enough to make ANY time you spend with the Goddess more special for you.

Level One Initiation

(Open the Circle)

(Candidates are blindfolded and robed)

(Candidates must sit in meditation in separate room)

(Candidates file into room after period of meditation)

PERSON LEADING CEREMONY: Descend upon us this night in all Your radiant power. We invoke Your infinite power in this rite we perform in Your name. Welcome to those who seek Your worship into our midst.

Blessed Be those within the circle and those that have yet to enter Your sacred space. Cleanse thy heart and mind that only truth be spoken, that only truth be heard.

(Candidates are brought to the edge of the circle and priestess blesses them with sign of the pentacle)

PRIESTESS: Do you see the way? Will you serve the Goddess and give reverence to the God? Do you pledge to learn and live by all that will be shown to you from this day forward? Will you guard all that is taught to you from the unworthy?

CANDIDATES: I do and I shall.

(Open Eastern doorway and invite candidates into circle)

(Close Eastern doorway then continue)

PRIESTESS: Then I ask you into this Sacred circle in this Holy place. Be you ever aware that from this day, your life must be to the service of the Old Gods. That from here forth, you will be taught to live your life in the ways of the Ancient Ones.

Your soul has wandered in darkness, ever seeking the light of knowledge. You have entered upon a path where you shall find that beacon you seek and it will begin to fill your spirit with its ever glowing light of love and knowledge.

  • Gnomes, great spirits of the Earth; show him/her your wisdom of our resources, the physical and the body.
  • Sylphs, grand spirits of Air; show him/her your wisdom of the intellect, thoughts, challenges and problems.
  • Undines, benevolent spirits of Water; show him/her your wisdom or relationships, emotions and creativity.
  • Salamanders, burning spirits of Fire; show him/her your wisdom of activities, projects and passion.

(Place sword at candidate’s throat; this is a practice in trust)

In the name of the Lady and those covenanted to Her, I place this three fold charge upon you.

  • To know the Goddess and the God in all of their glory
  • To love the Goddess and Her Consort with all of your being
  • Through the knowledge of the way, to serve the Ancient Ones

Do you, ______________, freely accept this charge for today and all of your remaining life?

CANDIDATE: I do freely accept this charge for now and for always.

(Initiates are un-blindfolded and given the sign of the pentacle with the wand)

PRIESTESS: I welcome you to the way of the Ancient Ones, to the fold of the Old Religions. Enter into the House of the Pagans. Hear our charge:

Your first duty is that which we have said above, but there is another law that you must abide throughout all of your days and it is this:

  • Do what thou will, so long as you hurt no other.

Do you accept this and swear to abide by it?

INITIATE: I do agree.

PRIESTESS: Then I welcome you into our midst

ALL PRESENT: Blessed Be!

(Priestess gives five fold kisses to each Initiate)

(Welcome by entire group present followed by five fold kisses)

(Time for celebrations, dancing and feasting)

(Conduct any other business)

(Close the circle)


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