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Healing Herb List #4

Juniper (Juniperus Communis); sometimes also called Enebro, Ginepro or Juniper Berry. The medicinal part of the Juniper is the ripe dried berry cones, the ripe fresh berry cones, the fresh or dried pseudo fruit or berry, the ripe berry or the essential oil from the berry cone. It can be found in Europe, northern Africa, north Asia and North America. The berries have a tangy-sweet taste that turns resinous and bitter; the smell of the berry is tangy. The essential oil content causes a diuretic effect which makes this a good choice to lower blood pressure and as an anti-diabetic. It can also be used for loss of appetite, infections of the urinary tract as well as kidney and bladder stones, (because of its ability to cause water loss). It can be used for dyspeptic disorders and for digestive disorders such as heartburn and bloating. Magickally; it can be carried in a charm to increase potency in men and is used to attract positive energy; burn it to protect from harmful magick.

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra); may also be called Sweet Root. The medicinal parts of the plant are the unpeeled dried roots, with the runners, the rhizomes with the roots and the dried roots. Glycyrrhiza glanulifera is grown in southeastern Europe and western Asia. Glycyrrhiza pallida and violocea are both found in Iraq. Glycyrrhiza tyica is indigenous to southern Europe and southwest Asia. This drug is used to treat gastritis and gastric ulcers, probably because of its antiphlogistic properties. It is also used for catarrh of the upper respiratory tract to relieve cough and bronchitis.

Marshmallow (Althaea Officinalis); also called Althea, Mortification Root, Sweet Weed and Mallards. The medicinal parts are the mallow flowers, leaves and the roots and it is indigenous to Asia, southeast Europe and eastern China. Marshmallow is used for mild inflammation of the gastric mucosa, for light inflammations and skin burns and for irritations of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa as well as associated dry coughs. Magickally it is used to enhance psychic strength, on your alter to draw in positive spirits and for protection.

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea); sometimes known as Black Sampson or Rudbeckia. Echinacea purpurea is cultivated in Europe and grows in the eastern or middle US along with Echinaceae pallida. Echinacea angustifolia grows in the western US and in Europe. The medicinal parts are the roots, leaves or the whole plant in various stages of development. The herbs and roots of the different varieties of Echinacea have different medicinal properties. Make certain you are using the proper variety. Augustifolia is used for supportive therapy to promote the natural immune system in infectious conditions including colds, flu, herpes simplex, wounds, abscesses and metabolic disturbances. Purpurea is used for cold, cough, fevers, urinary tract infections, inflammation of the mouth and wounds or burns. Pallida is used for cold, cough fevers or tendency toward infections. In magick use Echinacea as an offering to the spirits and to add power to your spells and charms.

Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus Carota); also carrot, Bird’s Nest, Bees’ Nest or Philtron.The medicinal part is the root and it can be cultivated anywhere in the world. Queen Anne’s Lace is used in teas to treat intestinal parasites as well as in pediatrics to treat tonsillitis, nutritional disorders and as a dietary agent for digestive disorders. It can also be used in medicinal preparations for dermatological conditions.

Raspberry (Rubus Idaeus); also called Red Raspberry. The medicinal part of the raspberry plant are the leaves and the fruit. It is indigenous to Europe and Asia and is cultivated in temperate climates. Due to the active agents of tannins, flavonoids and Vitamin C it is used for gastrointestinal tract disorders, disorders of the respiratory tract, disorders of the cardiovascular system as well as the mouth and throat.

Rose Hip (Rosa Canina); sometimes called Dog Rose, Brier Rose, Dog-berry, Hip Fruit, Hogseed, Sweet Brier and Witch’s Brier. The medicinal parts of the Rose Hip are the petals, the rose hips with and without seeds and the seeds. It grows in Europe and northern Africa and is extensively cultivated. Preparations from rose hip seeds are used for diseases of the kidney and lower urinary tract, as a diuretic, for arthritic conditions and rheumatism, gout or sciatica. Preparations of rose hips are used for the prevention and treatment of colds, chills, flu-type infections and to increase resistance by treating Vitamin C deficiencies. In magick, use the rose petals to bring close lasting friendships, for domestic peace and harmony or for magick of divine love. Use the rose hips for good luck, healing and to call good spirits to ritual.

Valerian (Valeriana Officinalis); some other names are All-heal, Amantilla, Setwall, Setewale, Capon’s Tail, Heliotrope or Vandal Root. The medicinal parts are the dried underground parts and the dried roots. It is found in Europe and in the temperate regions of Asia. Valerian is also cultivated in central and eastern Europe, England, France, Japan and the US. Valerian is used as a sedative, sleep promoting, spasmolytic and a muscle relaxant. In magick, use for protection, to substitute for graveyard dirt in spells, to purify your sacred space and in love spells and charms.

Witch Hazel (Hammamelis Virginiana); also called Hamamelis, Hazel Nut, Snapping Hazel, Spotted Alder, Striped Alder, Tobacco Wood and Winterbloom. There are several medicinal parts of the witch hazel. The water can be distilled from the bark, the leaves which are collected in autumn and dried, the fresh bark of the roots and branches and the dried bark of the trunk and branches. The tree can be found in the forest of the Atlantic North America and is cultivated in the subtropical countries and Europe. Witch hazel has astringent, anti-inflammatory and local hemostatic properties. It is used for hemrrhoids, inflammations of the mouth and pharynx, inflammation of the skin, wounds and burns.

Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium); sometimes called Band Man’s Plaything, Bloodwort, Devil’s Nettle, Nose Bleed, Old Man’s Pepper, Soldier’s Woundwort and Thousand Weed. The medicinal parts of the plant are the yarrow flowers and the aerial parts that have been collected during flowering and then dried. The yarrow can be found in many regions but mainly in eastern, southeastern and central Europe as well as on the southern edge of the Swiss Alps. Internally, yarrow can be used to treat loss of appetite and stomach ailments such as diarrhea, bloating and cramps. Externally, it can be used in a bath for painful spasmodic cramps of the lower abdomen, for liver disorders and for the healing of wounds. You can use yarrow magickally for spells and charms to banish negativity and to promote peaceful relations. Yarrow is an allergen so use care until you are sure the person using it won’t have a reaction!


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