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Gemstone Spells

Stones are used for many purposes in magick; they can be used for meditation, divination, healing or crushed in some incense recipes or oil blends. The gemstones hold their own energy to be added to your energies.

Gemstones can be carried in spell pouches or just in your pocket. You can burn them in your spells if you like. Place them around the house or car to bring the energy with you. The possibilities are endless and can be shaped to your specific need. There are no rules governing the use of stones, so experiment with them to discover how YOU can master them.

Stones are symbols for forces far beyond words or cold, hard facts. They are a way to connect to the Earth as well as the Universe. Get to know the stones by using the listings below then experience them as much as you can.

Don’t worry about finding the right stone, because your stones will find you. If you have a goal in mind for your stone, the right shape and color will probably pick you. If you just happen to be picking up a few stones for later use, you can use the charts to see how to use that particular stone within your spell craft.

There are also plenty of ways to locate your stones. You can get them at metaphysical shops, order them from the internet, walking in the woods or on the beach or you can find them in booths in the flea market. Just make certain that you cleanse and purify your stones before you use them for anything.

The Meaning In The Shape of Your Stone

Round shaped gems and stones are a symbol of magick and its working.
  • The means for the opening of psychic awareness and spirituality.
  • Receptive to all powers.
  • Used in all attraction wishes such as love, money and spirituality.
Square shaped stones are masculine in nature.
  • Generally considered to be used for building or creating something new.
  • Used for altering something old.
  • A form of stability and endurance.
Triangles are a sign of the three points of humankind; the mind, body and spirit.
  • Able to discern between the four elements.
  • Used primarily for repelling and neutralizing negativity.
  • For gathering and releasing of all the energies for your intended desire.
Pear shapes are a combination of both the round and triangle.
  • Used primarily in associations with the element of Water, it is both receptive and projective.
  • A great shape for balancing of emotions.
  • For any wish dealing with psychic abilities or Faerie Magick.
Rod shaped or Wand shaped are a sign of masculinity.
  • Commonly referred to as phallic.
  • Projective energy.
  • Used primarily for a wish for someone else.
  • For the intent to be projected toward another.

Cleansing and Empowering Your Stone

When you find the stone that you are looking for, it must be cleansed to rid it of any other energies that may have attached to it. To cleanse your stone; mix sea salt and water, gently rub the water over all of your stone from middle outward on all sides (like anointing candles) while visualizing your own energy entering into the stone, then bury it in the ground. Repeat this process for the three nights of the Full Moon. (Remove it each morning at first light.)

Once you have cleansed your stones and empowered them with your own energy, you will need to consecrate them for use of the purpose you have for that stone. Once you have opened your circle you can consecrate your stones just like you do any alter tools. Make certain that you have checked the Moon Phase so that it compliments the stones purpose. Then perform the ritual of consecration following using candle colors and incense of purification.

Consecration Ritual

(Open the circle)

Before these assembled spirits I bring this stone to be dedicated to the service of the Lady and Lord.

(Pass each stone to be consecrated three times through smoke of the incense.)

By the power of air, be thou purified. Be thou dedicated to purity of thought and to harmlessness that all intentions for which thou art used may harm none and be for the good of all.

(Pass each stone to be consecrated three times through or over the flame of the fire candle.)

By the power of fire, be thou purified. Be thou dedicated to purity of desire and to harmlessness that all goals which thou dost help achieve may harm none and be for the good of all.

(Take a few drops of water and sprinkle or dab on each stone.)

By the power of water, be thou purified. Be thou dedicated to purity of emotion and to harmlessness that all that thou shall be used in a spirit of harmony, harming none and for the good of all.

(Touch stone/stones to the salt in north quarter)

By the power of earth, be thou purified. Be thou dedicated to steadfastness and purity of purpose, that my will be achieved without wavering, with harm to none and for the good of all.

(Finish any other business then close your circle)

Stones And Their Meanings

Agate-(chalcedony variety)
Aids strength and courage
Compels truthfulness
Use for happiness
Spells of intelligence
Brings prosperity
Promotes longevity
Use for charms of fertility
Amber-(bermite, pimetite, puccinite, ruminate)
An aid for furthering ambitions
Powerful healing stone because of magnetism
Emits powerful amounts of heat and light
Has the power to disinfect
Filters germs and infections
  • Worn around neck to fight infection and respiratory ailments
Amethyst-(purple quartz)
Assists wearer to maintain faithfulness
Increases spiritual awareness
Calms and soothes
Transmutes negative energy into positive energy
Aids ability of prophecy
Can help cure headaches
  • Warm and place on temples and forehead for headache
Aids in meditations
  • Wear during meditations to purify and regenerate
Stimulates flow of energy for healing blood circulation
Stops hemorrhaging
Removes emotional blockages
Use in talismans
  • Wards off all accidents
  • Wards off disease
  • Especially suitable for men
For bringing joy to owner
Give protection
To increase energy
Chryosite-(peridot, olivine)
Emits a steady, serene flow of light
Tranquilizing effect
  • Will help ease many forms of neurosis
Soothes emotions
  • Used to absorb unwanted energies
  • Used to deflect negativity
Coral-(calcium carbonate)
Balances physical energy
  • Safeguards teenager during this highly emotional period
  • Protects child from evil influences
Relaxes tensions
  • Use for a long and happy marriage
Carries the creative vibrations from the sea
Symbol of strength and bravery
Used as an emblem of innocence
A cure-all for most diseases
Carry a diamond for psychic harmony and spiritual peace
Helps to attract pure love
Promotes creativity
Stimulates perception and insight
  • Helps to connect with the “Higher Self”
Strengthens memory
Use for tranquility
  • Assists in meditating
Wards off inflammatory diseases
Balances hormones
  • Good to use for depression
Enhances self esteem
Encourages business success
Alleviates bad dreams
Stimulates happiness, peace and balance
Brings courage
Dispels negativity
Use for protection
Use to bring wisdom
  • Meditate for divine revelations
Lapis Lazuli-(lazurite)
Stimulates psychic experience
  • Promotes psychic abilities
  • Brings contact with the “Higher Self”
  • Brings wisdom and truthfulness
  • Wear next to skin as amulet
For strength and health
Moonstone-(adularia variety of ortboclace)
Brings good fortune
  • Good for protection while traveling on water
Promotes unselfishness
  • Opens the heart to humanitarian efforts
Gives clarity to spiritual understanding
  • Aids in bringing forth past life memories
  • Reflects wearers being and feelings
Calming effect on emotions
  • Good for menstrual symptoms
  • Gives love and hope
Alleviates many degenerative conditions of the skin, hair and eyes
Amplifies chakras
Enhances intuition
Called the “Stone of Love”
Use for protection
  • Good for use with children
Stimulates feminine qualities
  • Represents purity, modesty and gentleness
Use to focus attention
  • Brings peace of mind
Helps to combine mental and spiritual forces
Quartz Crystal
Taps into energy of the Universe
  • Use for meditations
Amplifies healing energy
  • Helps to draw out pain
Very potent energy
  • Wear to protect from negativity
Stone of divine power
  • Increases vigor
  • Renews vitality
  • Cleanses the blood
Stone of courage and dignity
Stone of charity
Stone of freedom
Protects against insomnia
  • Use to discourage nightmares
Mood elevator
  • Protects from depression
Stimulates creative thinking
Electric and magnetic properties
  • Works as a protective shield
  • Consumes negative energy
Causes wearer to be understanding
  • Creates compassionate vision
  • Expands concepts of thinking
Gives wearer flexibility
Lifts fears from wearer
Turquoise-(copper and aluminum phosphate)
Restores healthy mental attitude
  • Radiates calming vibrations
  • Good stone for meditating
  • Use for alignment of spiritual centers
Protects against evil
  • Wards off danger
  • Clears one’s path of pitfalls
Stone of friendship
Stone of Self-love
Balancing and healing stone
  • Gives strength and vitality
Stone of groundings
Stone of astral travel

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