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Level 2 Initiation

Once you have studied the craft for “A year and a day,” you are probably ready to move ahead. By now; you will have rid yourself of most of the negative influences in your life. You will have studied herbs, oils, stones and know how to combine your runes with candles, ect.

You are probably working on your divination techniques and have by this time found the method that is right for you. You may have started writing some spells and rituals of your own. You have also experimented with casting a few of those spells by yourself. Good for you for trying!

Always remember though; there is power in numbers. If you can have help with a spell, the power will be greater to manifest your will. Always be practicing your visualizations; the better you can visualize the more powerful you will be.

Now that you understand what it is you are trying to do; it is time for you to use the second initiation ritual and begin to do it. This ritual is to be used once you understand WHO the Goddess and God are. When you understand HOW your magick works and WHY you are doing it. After this ritual; you will begin to practice your true magick to make it work for you. This is the time when you are discovering YOUR control of and connection with the WORLD and the WORLD’S control of and connection with YOU.

Second Initiation Ritual

(Blindfolded initiates sit in separate room in meditation)

(Open the Circle)

PRIESTESS: Descend upon us this night in all Your radiant power. We invoke Your aid in this rite we perform in Your name. Welcome those who seek Your worship into our midst.

Blessed Be those within the Circle and those who have yet to enter this Sacred Space. Cleanse thy heart and mind, that only truth be spoken, only truth be heard.

(Initiates are brought to the edge of the circle and Priestess opens the circle and blesses them with Pentagram.)

(Priestess closes the opening)

PRIESTESS: Have you begun to understand the way? Do you serve the Goddess and give reverence to the God? Do you guard that which is shown you from the unworthy?

INITIATE: I do and I shall.

PRIESTESS: Then I let you travel deeper into this Sacred Circle in this Holy Place. Be you ever aware that from this day your life must be to the service of the Gods.

(Lift chalice of wine in toast.)

Your soul has wondered in darkness, seeking the light of knowledge. Drink from the Cauldron of Life and you shall begin to see the light you seek.

(Give each initiate a drink from chalice.)

(Salute each direction with chalice.)

ALL: Be with us Gnomes, Spirits of Earth. We drink to your health.

ALL: Be with us Sylphs, Spirits of Air. We drink to your health.

ALL: Be with us Undines, Spirits of Water. We drink to your health.

ALL: Be with us Salamanders, Spirits of Fire. We drink to your health.

(Place Athme at initiate’s throat.)

PRIESTESS: In the name of the Lady and those covenanted
to Her, I place this three fold charge upon you:

To know the Goddess and The God.

To make love in honor of the Goddess and Her Consort.

Through the knowledge of the way, to live as the Ancient Ones.

Do you, ____________, freely accept the charge?

INITIATE: I do freely accept.

(Blindfolds are removed from initiates and they are given the sign of the Pentacle with the wand.)

PRIESTESS: I welcome you deeper into the way of the Ancient Ones, to the fold of the old Craft, into the inner circle of the House of the Witches. Hear ye our charges:

Your first duty is that which we have said above, but there is another law and it is:

Do what thou wilt, so long as you harm no other.

Do you accept this and swear to abide by it?


PRIESTESS: Then I welcome you into our midst.

ALL: Blessed Be!!

(Five fold kisses to each)

(Continue with any business at hand.)

(Time for celebrations and divination.)

(Close circle when finished with celebrations.)

Move on from here…The next step in initiations would be to become a Priestess/Priest. Keep on meditating, practicing and studying. Have fun in your discovery of YOURSELF…Until next time…Blessed Be…Sheila


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