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Making Magick Work For You

I thought that maybe I should write an article about the way that magick works. Just remember that this is only my opinion and I’m sure there is someone out there that would like to argue with me about it. I’m not writing this to get an argument started; I thought that maybe it would be a good way to start some dialogue as well as to start your own thought processes working. Please feel free to offer your own opinions on how you believe magick works. This will be a static page so that it remains easily accessible for anyone.

In quantum physics each atom affects the movement and actions of all the other ones. As these atoms vibrate; they affect the outcome of an action somewhere else in the world. The same atom that is directly in front of you at this moment; may appear with no explanation in another space 10 minutes from now. A general explanation (definitely not a complete one) but for our purposes it says enough.

True magick is the ability to affect the movement of these atoms and molecules at will by connecting yourself with the Divine. Anyone can do this by teaching themselves to connect with the Divine at will. In Wicca; as in most of the Old Religions, the Divine is in everything. Now you just have to learn how to connect with everything around you.

You need to read the signs in the world around you. Understand the signs in the tree, listen to what the birds are telling you, know the signs the plants are giving you, have an idea of what happens best in what season or during which moon phase. Use your intuition and realize that it may take time and several different attempts to initiate some of your spells. It may not be the time to initiate such a spell, that may not be the right rune to use, ect.

It is also important that you BELIEVE in yourself. If you don’t think your spell will work; or wonder if it will or not, it won’t! Doubt has no place in your magick craft; that negative energy attach itself to your spell work. As long as you are doing GOOD WORK, your magick will manifest and that is all you need to remember.

That leads me to another point to stress strongly! Your magick should only be used for GOOD! You should not be casting spells upon another person without their knowledge (GOOD or BAD). You should not be casting spells to get something for yourself without working for it. Some of your magick will be changing your own perceptions and ideals rather than changing the outside “immovable” forces; you will have to discover these times as they present themselves to you…just don’t be surprised when it happens to you.

Also, you should not be trying to cast any spells without the ability to visualize and direct your energies; this is to avoid the energy being cast in the wrong place. Anyone can do this by training their mind…visualization is key. You can teach yourself to visualize simply by practicing. Once you can do that to the point your meditations are tactile for you, you can begin to connect to the Divine through your meditations at any time you wish too. Meditation is your friend to reach the state of mind necessary for the “Living in your dream” visualization that is required. I have the exercises in the Meditation Section of this site and there are countless other exercises on the internet (including video on You-Tube) if you choose to look for them.

I will be adding the Winter and Summer Path Workings into the meditation category shortly, I just have to type them up with the proper html coding for my site. I also noticed that I didn’t add the grounding section to the Autumn one and with my site changes, the exercises are on different pages. I will also be fixing that problem for anyone that is recording them to use.

As with any of your craft work; make certain you write everything down in your Book of Shadows. I didn’t keep notes together in one place and I moved around alot in the past; now I look back at all the information that I have lost. 😦 Many days I am combing this house and the shed for something that I wanted to share with all of you only to be disappointed when I can’t find it…Start a Book of Shadows as soon as you can!!

You can use a wire notebook if you like…just make certain you keep up with all of them. I use a 4 inch binder now; I print the pages out on both sides then have them laminated so I don’t have to worry about messing them up during spells or rituals. My son had his made specially for him by Brahm’s Bookworks while he was living at home and still had the money to buy one. Whatever you decide to use; make certain you start it right away!

Okay…starting to get off topic. It’s time to say good night for now…Until next time…Blessed Be To All…Sheila


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