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Rituals For Lost Children and Battered Persons

In light of the horrific events of the last week; the shootings in Oregon on Tuesday and Connecticut on Friday, I decided to post these rituals that I had in my Book of Shadows. Normally; I try not to bring attention to rituals such as these, however prayers have been requested by family and friends of these victims. I thought that some of you may want to join me in incorporating them into your Winter Solstice Ritual next week. It may be something as simple as lighting the extra candles in remembrance and/or reciting a few of the most important lines in the rituals during your Winter Solstice Ritual.

I am posting both of these rituals of healing negative situations in their entirety because it is all to easy for us to forget that not everyone’s family celebrations will be complete and happy. According to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, “an estimated 800,000 children are reported missing each year – more than 2,000 children every day.” While we are enjoying our time with our family we should always remember how the Goddess has blessed us and take the time to remember those that can no longer be with their own families.

Also according to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, “an estimated 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 10 boys will be sexually victimized before age 18. Yet, only 1 in 3 will tell anyone.” These are terrible statistics and we should always be ready to help if we suspect something is wrong. Since we are not able to physically do something to help at this time, we can always light a candle in remembrance.

Remembering Lost Children

(White candle for those dead)

(Red candle for those kidnapped)

(Blue for other bad situations)

(Open the circle)

Beloved Goddess, tonight we remember all children who have died; were kidnapped; who are runaways, lost and alone in crime, prostitution; or are trapped in any other horrible situation.

(Light white candle and meditate while it is burning)

Goddess of the Moon bathing our souls in light, comfort family and friends left behind. Give them the warmth of your love and guidance.

(Light red candle and meditate while it is burning)

Great Mother, grant these children strength to endure and courage to escape their captures. Lead the authorities to the place of their imprisonment that they may be freed.

(Light blue candle and meditate while it is burning)

Lady of love, give these souls you wisdom tonight. Show them the way to break free of whatever binds their minds and bodies.

Wondrous Goddess of the Moon take my words to all of the corners of the Earth. Thank you Lady for hearing my plea.

(Allow all candles to burn out completely before closing circle)

(Close the circle)

That concludes the ritual for Lost Children but let’s not forget about all of the Battered Adults and Children. Too many of us know someone that is living in a violent household – some of us may not even know it. I used to be one of these women myself so I know and understand the veil of secrecy that they try to live under.

As it is stated on Wikipedia; “According to the Centers for Disease Control, in the United States 4.8 million women suffer intimate partner related physical assaults and rapes and 2.9 million men are victims of physical assault from their partners.” It is a crime that is often not taken seriously by law enforcement until it has gotten severe. Sadly; in most cases, by the time law enforcement is called it has been occurring for a long time already.

Also according to Wikipedia “Children who witness domestic violence in the home often believe that they are to blame, live in a constant state of fear and are 15 times more likely to be victims of child abuse.” These statistics are outrageous and should not be allowed to continue. How can we not do something about these and all other crimes against our children? We need to stand up and fight to end crimes against our children so that they grow up happy and well adjusted to be able to take control of our world in the years to come.

Once again, I am posting this ritual in its entirety for you to add to your B-O-S. You can either perform the whole ritual or just a portion of it if you are performing another ritual. It is a bit more extensive than the ritual for Lost Children so you may find it necessary to wait until another time and have this ritual.

For Battered Adults and Children

(Sandalwood incense, round mirror, white bowl/salt, glass of water)

(Round white cookies, chalice with white wine or pale beverage)

(Open the circle)

The Moon arises! The Goddess draws near! Her powerful presence is with me!

(Hold power hand over salt)

Blessed be this salt.

(Move power hand over water)

Blessed be this water.

(Add pinch of salt to water and swirl three times then hold glass to the moon)

Cold fire of the Moon, purify this altar with Your power.

(Sprinkle a few drops to four corners then around the outer edge of the circle)

(Light white altar candle)

Beloved Moon, lamp of the night, let this be a symbol of Your light.

(Use altar candle to light candles at four corners)

(At each corner lighting, say the following)

Behold, the Lady’s light appears to guide Her children to the way.

(Replace altar candle)

(Walk around circle holding mirror at heart level reflecting side facing out)

(At the Eastern corner)

Lands and people of the East, heed my desire. Let there be freedom for all of you people.

(Move to the Southern corner)

Lands and people of the South, hear my words. Give your people respect!

(Move to the Western corner)

Lands and people of the West, listen to my waning. Grant of your people equality!

(Move to the Northern corner)

Lands and people of the North, be aware! Protect all of your precious people and give the safety!

(Return to altar and look into reflection in mirror)

I am a daughter/son of the Moon Goddess, She who sees all. My heart weeps with Her over the injustices we do to each other, especially those weaker than ourselves. I call upon the Goddess of the Moon to aid these people, those grown and all of the little ones. Shelter them with Your hands, Lady. Guide them with Your wisdom. Lead them out of terror and pain and darkness into Your light.

(Time for meditations with prayer beads)

(After meditation begin extinguishing corner candles)

(Say the following at each corner)

Carry my message to all people. Let the Moon’s light open their eyes to truth and justice.

(Before putting out altar candle)

Lovely Lady of the Moon, bless and purify me with Your light. Thank you for empowering me this night.

(Close the circle)

There you have them; Remembering Lost Children and a Ritual for Battered Adults and Children. Please use them only when your help is requested. Until the next time…Blessed Be!!!…Sheila


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