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Code of Conduct


The Wiccan Code of Conduct is simply the “Commandments” that we live by. This version was taken from writings by Raven Grammasi many years ago. I did adapt them somewhat to make them clearer for my young children to understand.

Many people believe that Witches and Pagans live their lives with no rules at all. In truth, our Code of Conduct has these 11 rules to live by. I find; just like everyone else, many times when it is difficult to remember to live by them. At those times I take my Book of Shadows and look for a private place to meditate on them.

I suggest that you read them over and look for the areas that you have trouble with. Set a time in your day to contemplate why you have trouble with these in particular. Learn to accomplish them one at a time, starting with the ones that you do have the most problems with.

Of course; because we are human, it is a commitment for life to master them. We all will have days that we screw up one or more of them. (For me, it is usually MORE than one when I have a bad day. I don’t do anything halfway…LOL.)

Basic Code of Conduct

  • If no other is harmed by your action, then do as you will in your life in accordance with your Higher Power
  • Repay a kindness by doing something nice for another, so a seed planted will bear fruit
  • Keep your word and oaths when given
  • Do not kill anything except when food or protection is required
  • Acknowledge and give due reverence to your Gods and Goddesses
  • Belittle no one’s beliefs, but simply offer what you believe to be true
  • Strive to live in peace with those who differ from you
  • Strive to be aware of those around you and seek compassion within yourself
  • Be true to your own understanding
  • Help others according to their need and your ability to give
  • Respect nature and strive to live in harmony with Her

(Adapted from the list by Raven Grammasi)

There are some covens that will have other rules to add to this list. Some Wiccans/Pagans may also have others that they use in addition to these. You can also add to this list for yourself if you want but at the core these are the way that we all should try to live no matter what are beliefs are.

I’ve heard it said that, “Our morality is what we learned when we were six years old.”, I know this is a very true statement. If I’m faced with a situation that I’m torn by, I will always fall back on the things my parents and grandparents would do in a similar situation. I realize that; unlike many people, I am wonderfully blessed by the Goddess to have had the guidance of an intelligent, open-minded and understanding family that always lived by the rules above in one wording or another.

Until next time…Blessed Be…Sheila


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