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Spring Equinox Ritual

As the waxing sun of March begins to warm the ground; it starts to melt the snow and coaxes the crocuses to bloom in the front yard. Once I see their small, delicate buds poking through the cold snow; I know that Spring has arrived, that it is now time to start watching for the buds on the trees and the birds to return to my small corner of the woods out back. Now is the time of celebrating the resurrection; the rebirth of life, as all the plants begin to grow and the animals wake and start their mating season.

One of the oldest stories of death and resurrection in the Egyptian story of Goddess Isis and God Osiris. There are also stories like theirs; stories of love causing a resurrection, throughout Paganism. The celebration of all of these stories take place coinciding with the Vernal Equinox, at the Resurrection of life for the Spring. Even the resurrection of Jesus on Easter; (named for the Pagan Goddess, Eostre,) morning is celebrated on the first Sunday after the Full Moon that follows the Vernal Equinox.

Eostre; the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring, of Rebirth and of the East, and Her counterparts are the celebrated aspect of the Goddess at the Vernal Equinox. Eostre held rabbits to be sacred and is said to take the form of a white rabbit, which is probably the beginnings of the legend of the Easter Bunny. She was also honored by the gift of colored eggs; which are believed to have magickal power. The eggs should be colored and you can also write spells or wishes on them with the runes. Consecrate them on the alter during the Vernal Equinox ritual and then later; during the celebrations, eat them for good luck and prosperity. I have some recipes for natural egg coloring on my Summer Goddess Kitchen Witchery blogsite.

Just as the Winter Solstice ritual is held at Midnight, the ritual for the Vernal Equinox should be held at Dawn. This is the ritual of the direction East and the returning of the sun and should be held at the return of the Sun, which is at Dawn. Once again, we find a similarity to Christianity, the sunrise service that is traditional on Easter Morning is a left-over tradition from the change over from Paganism. Below; you will find the ritual that I use for the Vernal Equinox, you can decide if this is right for you or change what you feel needs to be different for your celebrations. I also have found the recipes that we used to make colored eggs; they are all natural and made with plants, I will be listing those instructions on Summer Goddess Kitchen Witchery. Blessed Be!

Spring Equinox Ritual

(Open the Circle)

(Put Red candle in the cauldron with bell beside. Decorate with colored eggs and flowers) (Have pen, small papers and dish for burning on altar)

Behold, the Lady and Lord of life. The Divine Givers of Life.

Without Her Lord, the Goddess is barren.

Without His Lady, the God has no life.

Each is needful of the other for completion and power; as sun to earth; the spear to the cauldron; spirit to flesh; man to woman.

(Light the red candle)

O Great Goddess, be with me now in Your aspect of Maiden. You are the fair one who brings joy and new life.

Blessed Be!

(Ring bell once)

O Great God of Renewal, be with me now in Your aspect of the Lord of the Forests. You are the Horned God who brings warmth and love.

Blessed Be!

(Rap cauldron once with wand)

May the strength of the old enter into the new. Great Lady and Lord, make all things strong and giving of new life.

Blessed Be!

(Carry incense around circle)

Awake! All creatures in the realm of the earth awake!

Greet the Maiden and Her lover who herald the coming of spring.

(Touch paper with dagger)

Now I cast behind me the darkness of winter and the past. I look only to that which lies ahead. This is a time for me to plant seeds in the physical, mental and spiritual.

(Write desires on small scraps of paper)

(Lay on altar as offerings to the Goddess and God)

This is a joyous time, a time for planting. With joy and trust, I place these requests in the hands of the Goddess and Her Lord.

Blessed Be!

(Light papers with candle and put in dish to burn)

(Burn completely one at a time while meditating over the life change that is written)

(Repeat following for each burning)

These thought-seeds do I willingly place into the hands of the Maiden Goddess and Blessed Horned God.

Gracious Lady, grant that these desires and life changes. Manifest and become reality. So mote it be.

Blessed Be the Old Gods!

(Lift wine chalice in toast)

Honor to the old Gods!

Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again.

Blessed Be!

(Time for celebration, meditation, divination, dancing and feasting)

(Repeat the ask for blessing and toast to old Gods)

These thought-seeds do I willingly place into the hands of the Lady and Her Lord.

Gracious Lady, grant that these desires and life changes. Manifest and become reality. So mote it be.

Blessed Be the Old Gods!

(Lift wine chalice in toast)

Honor to the old Gods!

Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again.

Blessed Be!

(Close the Circle)


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