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Scrying for Divination

What Is Scrying

Scrying is the practice of psychically “seeing” things in a medium usually for the purpose of having spiritual visions. Some of the mediums that can be used are water, fire, smoke, glass, mirrors, crystals as well as other reflective, translucent and luminescent surfaces. Scrying is actively used by many different religious groups, in many different countries and for many different reasons today just as it was in centuries past.

Scrying is something you’ve probably done without even realizing it. How many times have you watched the clouds drifting by in the sky, seeing faces and shapes in them? Have you ever stared blankly at a wall, ceiling, or floor and seen faces and shapes move across them? That is also what you do when you are scrying. You must get into a relaxed, meditative state and focus on the shapes and symbols you see, and then you must try to interpret what meaning that may have for you.

Scrying With Fire

Probably the easiest method of scrying is by FIRE. Not only can you use any size fire to seek your visions, the flames also are hypnotic. Candles are handy for this; you can use the candle you have lit for your spell work or you can have one specifically for scrying. If you have a specific candle for scrying, you can apply ruins to assist your purpose as well as use anointing oils and herbs that coincide with what you are trying to accomplish. You can also scry with the melted wax when the candle is burnt out thereby using every avenue available to you at the time.

Scrying With Water

WATER scrying is another easy way to do your divinations. It is done by filling a vessel with water, and gazing down into the bottom of that vessel, through the water. It’s easy to construct your own black bowl for water scrying. Simply buy a black bowl, use your cauldron, or paint the outside of a clear Pyrex bowl flat black. The black bowl uses water as its scrying surface, and water is a natural conduit of psychic visions. Fill your bowl with water and illuminate with a very dim light. If you choose to do so, there are recipes out there for “Sacred Water” mixtures that can be used in your scrying bowl. These are sea salt waters percolated with different herbs to enhance your visions.

Crystal Scrying

Probably the most widely known type of scrying is by using a CRYSTAL ball. Should you choose to use the crystal ball there is no right or wrong as to which crystal you should use. The best one for you is usually the one that your intuition tells you to buy…always follow your instincts in these things. One thing I would say here is that it should fit comfortably in your hands…probably between 2 – 1/2 inches and 4 inches in diameter.

Scrying by Smoke

When scrying by SMOKE you simply have to make your fire big enough to create a window for you to have your vision on. This is not a medium that is readily discussed (for obvious reasons) because it is dangerous and can be uncomfortable. I wanted to make quick mention of it here though because I wanted you to see that there are mediums from every elemental class.

Reading Tea Leaves

Another option of scrying would be reading tea leaves. As the only quadruple shot they ever see at my local Starbucks; this one is not one that I would choose either. I am just not someone that would sit with a cup of Earl Grey at ANY time. If you like to have a quiet cup of tea this may be the medium that is for you though. You scry by looking at the symbols that are left in the cup as well as the location where they lay in the cup after your tea is finished.

Scrying In a Mirror

The last method I am going to mention here is to use a scrying mirror. This is a medium that is easily made yourself rather inexpensively or you can purchase one ready to be cleansed, consecrated and imbued with your own power. To make your own you will need only a few items so I will quickly put the instructions here in the event that you would like to give it a try. You will need: A frame with glass (any size you like) and Black spray paint (high gloss is best). First, remove the glass from the picture frame, clean with glass cleaner and place in a well-ventilated area. Spray a light, even coat of black spray paint over the glass. Let dry for 12 hours. Apply another coat, and let dry for another 12 hours. Once completely dry, reassemble with painted surface of glass on the underside. Once lighted by side candles you have your scrying medium.

Directions for Scrying

First dim the lights in the room, open your circle and light some incense. It’s best if there are no bright lights because you want your physical eyes to take a backseat to your psychic sight. Take a few minutes to get into a relaxed, meditative state. Take some slow, deep breaths and release all tension from your body. When you feel calm, focus on your chosen medium. Don’t try to rush the process, stay very relaxed and keep your eyes slightly out of focus. Don’t strain or try to force it. Let your thoughts flow where they will. If you wish, you can also communicate mental questions and then watch for any images that appear.

If you did see images, write them down in your Divination Journal. It can help to keep records because the meaning of the symbols might not become apparent until later. If you did ask any questions, jot those in your journal as well. Do the images make any sense to you? Can they be applied to circumstances in your life? Even if you’re not sure on the “known” meaning of the symbols, you can still apply their characteristics to your own situation. Divination of any kind is an intuition that you have to develop over time. The actual meaning of a vision may be what you felt it meant rather than what a book or list tells you it is supposed to mean.

Don’t take the symbols literally, most often they are only symbolic. Instead, think about the qualities of whatever you’re seeing. What words would you use to describe each symbol? Can any of those words be applied to you or your life at this moment? If not, just write them down and see if they come clearer in time. When you see an image, how does it feel? That can be a good indication of the intended meaning.

No matter what form of divination medium you use, the real skill lies in trusting your own intuition. Witches of old didn’t scour detailed books for information on their art, they let their insight rule. The only way to truly come to understanding is to focus on the image the scrying tool gives you in relation to the question you need to have answered or problem you want overcome. Then to see what thoughts and images come to mind. True divination comes from within, it’s a psychic art learned only through practice. And only then if you believe in your ability to do so!


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