What Is Wicca

The Goddess, Luna

The Goddess, Luna

What Is Wicca?


In definition; A Pagan is one who is not a Christian, Muslim, or Jew and is particularly a worshiper of a polytheistic religion. A Neo-Pagan is a follower of such a religion that was originated after the beginning of the 20th century.

Wicca is a polytheistic (multi-deity), neopagan religion inspired by various pre-Christian European beliefs. Our central deity is a Mother Goddess (the Moon Mother Goddess) with a secondary Father God deity (the Earth Father God). Each solitary witch invokes a different deity for their specific purpose, each different aspect of a deity has a different special use as well so many different names are used to refer to these deities.

General Practices

We follow and believe in the Mother Earth and the revival and renewal of life and nature. Our goal is to conduct our own personal energies into the world and help it to bring life through its courses. Every season has a time and every time has an integral part in the renewal process. As well, every being has a time and is connected in an integral way to that life and has a time and a season of life, learning, growing, and death.

We do incorporate the use of herbal magic and benign witchcraft into our ritual practices. Using our personal energies, gem energies, candle meditation and herbs, woods, oils and spice potions to direct those energies toward our goal.

Reincarnation is also part of our religious practices. Just as the plants will wither and die at the end of their season only to be reborn in the spring, so shall the human soul. We travel from one lifetime to the next stopping only to gain wisdom until we reach the point of being one with the Goddess. Our point of renewal is Summerland where we rest before reentry into the cauldron of life and rebirth. We are now as She and part of She.

When a follower of a Pagan or Neo-Pagan religion gets involved in their community as an activist, it will most likely be in the form of environmentalist or charities of the life of persons or animals. This does not mean that only Pagans or Neo-Pagans do this work nor that these are the only causes that they will champion. Many wonderful people work together on these causes and this only helps to increase the amount of personal energy a ‘witch’ can put into the cause by using the energy she/he can get from others involved around them.

Religious Worship

In Wicca; the year is referred to as the Wheel Year, as the cycle of life is a never ending circle. We have four major and four minor holidays that are worshiped in ritual. As well as rituals to the full moon and in some instances to the new moon. All holidays or Sabbath are celebrated during times of the moon phases or major changes in the planetary patterns….i.e. the equinoxes, the seasonal change, ect.

Preferably ritual is done out of doors under the stars and moon where we can look upon the symbol of our Goddess. Although in this day and age of close living quarters, apartments and townhouses most people practice indoors to avoid insulting the neighbors. Rituals can be preformed sky clad, robed, or clothed. Whichever is most comfortable for the practitioner and suits the weather conditions of the area.

Some Pagans and Neo-Pagans do still practice tantric rituals and some do not. This is a reference to benign magic that incorporates sexual energy as a form of heightened energy. It is preformed by a Priestess and a Priest and the energy is absorbed and redirected by the rest of the group for the purpose of the meeting.

Wicca on Satanism

As for the practice of Satanism, Wicca does not worship Satan. The references of our Horned God are the Stag God of the forest that represents the male virility of reproduction and protection. It is not a reference to the horned Anti-Christ of Satanism.

Satan is the Anti-Christ and to believe in an Anti-Christ one would have to believe in Christ. We do not follow the deity system of the Christian God; Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Anti-Christ, Angels, or Fallen Angel. In this case we could not worship a Satan that to us does not exist.

©Sheila Wenninger

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